Do you have minimums?

Yes we do.

For screen printing our minimum is 30 pieces per design. You can create that using different styles of garments.

For embroidery our minmum is 15 pieces per design.


What is the Setup cost for screen printing?

Screen printing requires making a screen for each color printed and that is call a Screen Prep fee.

Screen Prep fees are 35.00 each

When you reorder it is 14.95 per screen and we call that a Set-up fee. 


What is the setup cost for embroidery?

Embroidery setup requires a digital file specifically for the embroidery machine.

The cost is determined by quantity of stitches and or complexity of design.

The best way for us to answer this question is for you to send us a jpeg of your design and

let us know the size and the type of garment you want it on and we can give you a quote.

You can send it to this email:  blackdiamond@volcano.net


How big of an image can you print on a shirt?

12" wide x 16" tall.


How large of an area can you embroider?


For Letterman jacket backs we can embroider 15"x17".


What type of files do you need for art?

The files that produce the best prints on shirts are Vector files like Adobe Illustrator (.ai, .eps) or

Photoshop files (.psd) 300dpi at the final size.

Jpeg files at 300dpi at final size will also work. 


If I don't have a design can you make one for me?

Yes we can!

We have a team of talented designers who are ready to help you out.

You can see some of their work in our product gallery.